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Worldcoin's Discord integration gives server admins an extremely robust system to prevent bots and malicious users from wreaking havoc on their community. By issuing specific server roles to users who verify with World ID, this integration gives admins incredible flexibility for configuring what real humans are allowed to do. For example, a server could have "humans only" channels or groups, prevent unverified users from sending messages at all, or simply let other community members know if a user is verified with World ID!

How It Works

After the Worldcoin Integration has been added to a server, the admin configures two roles issued to users: one for Orb-verified World ID holders, and one for users verified with World ID Device. These roles can have any permissions within Discord's role system -- sending messages, specific channel access, and more can all be configured by the server admin. Users type a single command (like "/verify") in chat, and the Worldcoin Integration sends them a link where they can verify with World ID. After the user verifies, they're issued a role in that server, and are granted all the associated permissions!

How to Connect

If you're a server admin interested in using the Worldcoin Integration for your server, tap the "Use Integration" button above and install the bot in your server! You'll need to create one or two roles to issue to users based on their verification level.

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Do you have idea where World ID technology will be useful? Let us know and we will take a look at it as soon as possible.